Theos Seminary Canada

Here's our goal

To handcraft individuals with equal parts sharp theological / philosophical mind, equipped with solid orthodox doctrine AND real-life ministry habitus…

Jesus taught them and walked with them for 3 years…

We commit to teach you and walk with you.

Here's what we are

  • 4-day program starting September 12th and ending in May
  • Classes run Tuesday-Friday, 9AM-4PM
  • Located at Home Church in Red Deer Alberta
The program includes world-class theological education: 
  • Classical lecture-based classes, including class debate and discussion (inspired by the Socratic teaching method)
The program also includes:
  • Hands-on training and discipleship in any areas of church ministry you might be gifted in (Worship, Youth, Pastoral, Production, songwriting, etc.)
  • Each afternoon is dedicated to this impartation type connection between student and instructor


Program Details:

  • At the completion of one year you will achieve a Certificate of Christian Ministries
  • Tuition is $2000 per semester; (additional costs include: application fee, grad fees, book fees per semester)
  • We also provide an audit option (that has no assignments expected) this will have no degree attached to it

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Nothing would bring us more joy than to have you embark on this voyage with us.​​​​​​

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