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Our Goal

Since our program began in 1988, our goal has remained steadfast: to train and equip leaders across all sectors of ministry, business, academics, and politics while developing a heart for the local church. Jesus and His Church are the center of all our teaching.

We strive to do this by mentoring individuals with theologically sound orthodox doctrine and practical ministry development.

Our mission is to help everyone establish their faith and prepare them for the call God has for them.

"Bible College has stretched me and challenged me to step up into my calling. I love being able to serve in the local church and having fun with classmates while serving at conferences and events. I enjoyed being able to learn loads about the Bible and its history. I would recommend giving God 8 months to see what God will do."
- Israel

Program Features:

  • Personalized Training & Discipleship
  • Sound Theological Teaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Skills Development
  • Over 30 Qualifed Instructors
  • Lasting Friendships
  • Ministry & International Trips
  • 4 Day Program
  • Beginning in September and concluding mid April
  • Classes run Tuesday-Friday, 9AM-4PM
  • Located at Home Church in Red Deer Alberta

Program Details:

Tuition is $4500 for a full year or $1500 per trimester with no additional fees.

Year One

Year one is all about preparing you for your future, laying a solid foundation to your faith, as well as personal growth and development. We believe in equipping young people to grow in their leadership& skills and find the will of God for their lives.

Year Two

Year two is geared for those who feel the call to vocational ministry, offering specialized courses in areas such as pastoral and team leadership.

Year Three

Year three expands on the training received in the first 2 years. We go into deeper mentorship and pastoral training & for those called specifically to vocational ministry and church planting

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