HC Fit 2021

It's time. Time to get fit.

We started 2021 with a 12-week devotional designed to help us understand Jesus better as well as develop a discipline of daily reading God’s word to make us spiritually strong and healthy. We then went into our Build the Fam campaign with a couple’s devotional that was designed to help us develop heathy, strong families, marriages, and relationships with the people around us.

On April 26  we are launching HC Fit – an eight-week fitness challenge designed to help all of us, regardless of our current fitness levels, to become healthier, stronger, and ready to live out our God given destinies.

Will you join us for the next eight weeks as we either run, walk, or cycle our way into health? We are going to come out of 2021 better, stronger, and healthier than we ever imagined we could. And the best part is -we are going to do it together!!

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