Our Re-Opening Plan


As our province enters Phase Two of its reopening plan the church is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment to return to in person gatherings. Below are some updates and guidelines for attending services.



Campus Updates & Service Times

Red Deer

Live Experiences resume June 14 and are as follows: 

  • Thursday 8:00pm (ages 10 and up only please) 
  • Sunday 9:30am and 11:30am (family services for all ages) 

Please note: YOU MUST PREREGISTER FOR LIVE SERVICES in all our locations. As registration will be required every week, we recommend that the simplest way to do this is to download the app called Church Center and use that but you can also RSVP here for one of our Worship Experiences.  

We would love if you would choose an experience and make that the one you attend each week if possible. If you have a cohort family, register and sit together, because life just is better together! 

Online experiences continue:

Online continues Sundays at 10:30am on Facebook, InstagramYouTube and our Home Church website.


Live experience resumes June 21 at 9:30am & 11:15am


Live experiences resume June 14, 9:30am and 11:15am


Online experience is availble Sundays at 10:30am on FacebookYouTube and our Home Church website.

Calgary Campus will continue with online experience at this point. Reopening will be announced in the coming week. Please follow on social media for regular updates.


Live experiences resume June 14, 11:00am at the Jewel Theatre. 

Olds / Mountainview

Online experience is availble Sundays at 10:30am on FacebookYouTube and our Home Church website.

Olds/Mountainview will continue with online experience only until early July. Please follow on social media for regular updates. Upon reopening experiences will be at 9:30am and 11:30am. 

HC Kids

HC Kids Online continues Sundays at 9:00am on FacebookYouTube and our Home Church website.

Starting June 21 there will be kids programing for children ages 3-7 at the Red Deer location on Sundays at both the 9:30am and 11:30am services.  In accordance with the Alberta regulations children two and under must remain with their parents.

Small Groups

Word Wednesday will continue online on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm throughout the summer and we encourage everyone to be a part of a virtual/zoom group.

Join in online through FacebookYouTube and our Home Church website.

Onsite Groups will not be meeting at the church over the summer.

If a small group leader chooses to to have their group meet in person off site, we ask that everyone follow Alberta Health Services recommendations and provide a virtual option for any group member who is not able to meet in person.


Live Youth Experience will resume on Fridays at 7:30pm effective June 26 at the Red Deer location. HCY Live will also continue online for youth unable to attend in person and is available on FacebookYouTube and our Home Church website.

Please see location pages for information regarding HCY in all other locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register every week?

Yes, we will need you to register each week as we know there may be a weekend when you are unable to attend.

Do I have to attend the same service each week?

No. While we do recommend making a service “yours”; we understand that some weeks plans will vary, and we want you to attend whichever service best works for you that week. 

Can I hug or shake hands?

No. We will strictly follow the physical distancing mandates outlined by Alberta Health Services to ensure everyone’s safety. But there will be lots of smiles and waves and creative ways of showing our joy of seeing each other. 

How can I protect myself and others?

If you or any member of your family have symptoms, such as: cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat; OR if you have high-risk medical conditions, we kindly request that you do not attend the service. 

  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 meters at all times 
  • Sanitize or wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.  
  • Cover coughs and sneezes and avoid touching your face  
  • Wear a mask in public places where keeping 2 meters distancing is difficult. 

Do I have to wear a face mask to come to church?

Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Government’s Guidance for Places of Worship highly recommends the use of masks or face coverings when there is singing during a live service. As our live service will having singing portions, the church recommends that you wear a facemask. If you do not have a facemask, they will be available.

Further, if you or your family members are intending to participate in the singing portion of the live experience, we highly recommend that everyone wears a facemask (children over the age of 2 included). 

What are the processes for cleaning and Sanitation at Home Church?

Weekend Worship Experiences will be one hour in length to ensure we have adequate time to dismiss in a safe manner, minimize crowds and clean the auditorium so we can sanitize. During Services, high – touch areas will be regularly wiped with disinfectant. We will also be minimizing physical contact through measures such as not passing offering buckets and providing a virtual connect/prayer card option instead of paper.

What if I really do not feel comfortable yet being in a live service or I am a vulnerable population?

We get that not everyone will be ready to come back right away and we respect each person’s right to make these decisions based on health concerns, age and personal comfort levels. Accordingly, we will continue to offer an online experience at 10:30 am every Sunday and look forward to seeing you in person when you are ready.

Will the buses be running?

The buses will not run for the beginning stages of reopening as we look for ways to transport people in a safe manner while maintaining physical distancing regulations. We encourage you to ask friends or family members who do drive to join you at one of our live experiences so you can attend.

How can I give?

As much as possible, please continue the use of online giving at myhomechurch.ca/giving or using the Home Church app.  

For non-compatible debit cards, use www.paypal.com or the Paypal app using give(at)myhomechurch.ca as the email address.  

Cash or checks can be given in the box provided at the entrance and exit of the Red Deer location or at the Red Deer office during the week.  

Checks can also be mailed to: 37557 Highway 2A Red Deer, AB T4E 1S2

Alberta Health Guidelines

Please take the time to review the Guidance for Places of Worship document that the Government of Alberta has provided:


While we are doing everything possible to provide a safe environment, it is understood that anyone attending a live experience is doing so at their own risk. 

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