Culture Targets

1. Volunteer Culture

Everyone has a part and everyone contributes. 


2. Worship Experience Culture

We always come expecting God to move, creating an atmosphere where people can be changed in His presence.


3. Honor Culture

People: We treat everyone with honor regardless of age or position.

God’s House: We honor by being on time, checking our children into the Nursery and Kids Ministry and by not moving during the altar call when people are making eternal decisions.


4. Giving Culture

We give God our first and our best with tithes and offerings. We love to give whenever and however we can.


5. Relational Culture

We are building authentic, lasting friendships and always have room for someone new to become part of our life.


6. Bringing Culture

We bring as many people as we can to God’s house to see their lives changed by Jesus. Inviting is good; bringing is better.


7. Life Giving Culture

We encourage one another and together we believe God for greater things.

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